We love questions! Here are some of the most common...

I've just signed up, when should I expect my first box? 

When you first sign up to The Curiosity Box the cut off deadline for receiving that month's box is midnight on the 30th of each month. If you sign up any time after the 30th of the month, your subscription will start with the next month's box. If you'd prefer to receive a Box right away you can pop into our shop and buy the one you want for shipping that week.

When Will I Get My First Box? 

Our subscription boxes are sent in the first week of each month. If you subscribed after midnight on the 30th of the month, you will receive your first box 4-5 weeks later, in the first week of the following month. This causes a lot of confusion (for us too!) So here's a few scenarios: 

Scenario 1:  I take out my subscription on the 22nd of March. I will receive my first box during the first week of April. 

Scenario 2: I take out my subscription on the 31st of March. I will receive my first box during the first week of May. 

We do keep a stock of boxes in our shop so if you want a particular box and you want it NOW! You can make like Veruca Salt, pop to the shop and get it.

What If I Want to Cancel My Subscription?

Our subscriptions renew month-to-month and you are billed on the 1st of each month for that month's box. If you sign up for a subscription between 26th of one month and 1st of the next you will be charged for 2 boxes quite close together; Even so, you can cancel at any time (although know that we may send you a very teary email), which will take effect immediately. 

If you had already been billed for the next Box, this cannot be refunded, but you will of course receive that Box. If you wish to cancel the delivery of Boxes that you have paid for, please contact our customer services team at hello@curiosity-box.com (We will gift these undelivered boxes to our charity partner).

Can I Purchase a Subscription as a Gift?

Of course! What a wonderful gift to give! (Though we may be a bit biased.) All our products, whether it be subscriptions, gift cards or what's available in the shop can be bought as a gift. 

What Is The Curiosity Shop?

The Curiosity Shop will have our Boxes as a one-off purchase, in case you missed one, or would like to send one as a gift (you generous thing you). 

You can also buy the Curiosity Cadet lab coat, safety goggles, and a ring binder to store laboratory notes in. At the moment, The Curiosity Shop is but a small inkling of what we intend it to be and we will continue to update it with new products as we grow. 

How many curious minds can one box accommodate?

Although each box is designed for one child we have found that small groups manage fine with sharing the kit. We are generous with the supplies to allow for mistakes and repeating experiments, which makes sharing easier. 

Keep an eye out for the launch of our party packs and party bags soon!

Is Everything I Need Included?

We try to include everything you need but occasionally there will be things that we can't include in the box; usually because we aren't allowed to ship it! When this happens you will be advance-warned in your Get Set email prior to the box arriving in your home so that you can prepare appropriately.

Where Do You Ship To?

At the moment we only ship to the UK , which means we're only accepting subscriptions from UK residents . However, we have big plans to expand into Europe and further abroad.

What are your green credentials like?

It is important to us that the ethics that underpin our working practices in the office, and the values we adhere to, find their way into everything we do. Here are a few examples: 

* We source bio, compostable and recycled items as much as possible

* Our Lab Coat is manufactured using responsibly sourced material by properly employed staff. 

* The Box itself can be recycled, we positively encourage it to be sued as part of the experiments!

How Do I Change My Personal Details?

You can update your details at any time by logging into your account with the details you first used to set up your subscription. 

I Have a Question You Didn't Cover Here!

Please send us an email detailing your query to hello@curiosity-box.com. We'll get back to you pronto, and also perhaps add the question to this section to help others with similar questions along.