Our Why

We are leading the Curiosity Revolution to:

Make the world a better place, so young people are confident to explore and discover the science in their every day.

Disrupt education by giving parents the tools they need to nurture their child's curiosity.

Give every child the opportunity to become the next Marie Curie, Albert Einstein or Ada Lovelace. 

Because science belongs to EVERYONE!

Meet Our Team

Head of Explosions

Renee loves explosive ideas and is partial to a flashy science show. If she isn't up to her eyes experimenting or in a school making kids go Wow! she can be found on her soapbox about science being for everyone! Renee trained as a Biochemist before setting up WATS.ON. She ran the Oxford Science Festival and has been making science awesome for kids for 15+ yrs

Head of Grounding

Vanessa is the grease that oils our wheels, and often the wheels themselves too! When we start dreaming of unicorns and rainbows V brings us back down to earth. When it comes to opportunities she's our gal! Vanessa has experience making businesses WORK. V worked at Eriksson before coming to WATS.ON and joining team CB.

Everything Engineer

Emily holds the reigns from the minute you place your order to that exciting moment when your box arrives at your door. Emily has worked in the market research team for Sainsburys and before coming to CB HQ was a TA in her local primary school so she brings loads of great hands-on experience of making things fun for kids!

Our Adventure to Get Here

I was born in a rural town in Australia, where no one I knew growing up had been to University, but my mum, and somehow she put up with my constant questions; making me feel like my curiosity was something really positive. In turn, this was the beginning of my love for science. I understand first hand, that science can make your life better, and I want all children to have the opportunity, to find the joy and wonder of science, in their every day lives.

Since my first attempt at science engagement, which involved a very popular museum of body parts, I ran huge events like the Oxfordshire Science Festival, to workshops, in the smallest of primary schools. But mostly, I have been listening to, and observing, what kids say about science--they love it! When it is hands-on, and they are free to explore their thoughts and ideas; and to what parents say which is so often something like, "I might have liked science, but it was SO boring at school". 

Along the way, I have gathered together a team of equally passionate, (and let's be frank) quirky individuals, who have all worked tirelessly, to package up our mission into a humble box, ready to unleash a love of curiosity, in your home.

We truly hope you find that The Curiosity Box, delivers that warming feeling of family time well spent, a niggling need to ask questions, and most of all, the confidence your children need to start doing their own science!

Yours in Curiosity,