The Perfect Gift for Little Explorers

Get Curious with our Science Boxes for 4 to 11 year-olds

Want to surprise your little ones with a gift that's fun and educational at the same time? Our science box subscriptions are the perfect present for children who want to know how our world works and have a million questions each day. Our STEM subscription kits suit any budget, are full of easy, hands-on experiments and are developed by passionate scientists in Oxfordshire.

And because we're passionate about science and love how our experiments make the kids' faces light up with joy while they learn, explore and investigate, we/re offering 10% off our subscriptions for a limited time only.

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If you subscribe now, you'll receive our Potions box in time for Christmas, full of awesome magical mixing activities.

Offer valid between 7 November and 17 December 2019

What's Curiosity Box?

We're a small but mighty company, hell-bent on bringing science to every child in the UK. Founded by scientist and all-round STEM-vangelist, Reneé Watson, we dream up experiments that will wow the kids and make their faces light up. But there's more to the Curiosity Box than fun. It's also...

✔︎ Curriculum Linked & Awesome

We think fun and learning CAN go together! All our activities are KS1 & KS2 linked while being mind-blowingly brilliant fun. We're also big believers in empowering kids and design and test every activity so that they can BE the scientist, with just a little help from their trusty science side-kick (you). We also provide step-by-step instructions and some handy hints, so there's nothing stopping them from getting stuck in.

✔︎  Individual & Flexible

We're parents too, so we understand that life can't revolve around monthly subscriptions. The Curiosity Box works WITH you. From flexible plans (choose from the Nano - 2 activities per month, or the Jumbo - box 3 activities per month) and if you find yourself up to your ears in experiments and zero time to do them, you can hit pause on your subscription whenever you like.

✔︎ Creative & Sustainable

Since our creation we've waged our own war on single-use plastic and work with suppliers to make sure our production processes are sustainable. We use recyclable or biodegradable packaging and provide instructions on safe and responsible disposal, once kids have finished their experiments. We even encourage our subscribers to get creative and find new and fun ways to use their box!

The Curiosity Box - lifting the lid on science for kids since 2016. 

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