a MAHOOSIVE Giveaway

Perhaps your children are bonkers about bug collecting or love space and dream of becoming astronauts. Maybe they’re fascinated by the weather or love inventing and can’t resist taking things apart to see how they work. Maybe... they just always ask ‘why?' 

Whatever their passion for science is, tell us why you think they’d love to win this prize and how it could fuel their wonder of the world around us. Our favourite entry  will win ALL these incredible things: 

3 Jumbo Curiosity Boxes

6 month, monthly Nano subscription

Do it Kits Unicorn Robot

Zippy Kit

CB ethical lab coat and safety specs

Chunky magnifier

Smart phone microscope

Signed copy of Mandy Hartley's 'DNA Detectives'

✅ Signed copy of Mark Thompson's 'A Down to Earth Guide to the Cosmos'

2 BSMALL science activity books

3 pots of air putty

Jumbo heart soft toy

✅ Pack of floating kinetic sand

Rainbow test tubes

✅ Nanoscience, hard cover book

✅ Brain eraser and magnet wand

✅ Science tool kit including the tool box.

Special thanks to: Do it Kits, Zippy Kits, Mandy Hartley and BSMALL Publishing for all your awesome sciency stuff.

Entries close midnight 12.12.17. This prize can only be shipped to a UK address. Not advisable for under 3’s.