Buy 3, Get 4th FREE!

Whether you're looking for something fun to do with your own curious cadet or you're looking for a unique WOW-making gift, show your love by celebrating all that's amazing about the world through science and nature. Our next four boxes are absolutely, positively charged with fantastic fun, so we want to spread some sciency love with our best bundle offer EVER! Get the next 4 monthly boxes for the same price as 3.

June sees Curiosity Box favourite, Power, with Microbeasts creeping up in July, Bees buzzing to your door in August and Light topping off the summer in September. With this bundle, you're guaranteed a mountain of electrifying, buzz-inducing hands-on fun that will make your child's face light up with joy. What better way to enjoy the summer than with some hands-on activities to learn about the science in your every day.'s as easy as Pi!

  1. Pick your preferred product - Pico if you're after one hands-on activity or Nano if you want double the dose of sciency fun with two experiments.
  2. Select the 3 month option and add in your cadet details.
  3. Add the code 4FOR3 at checkout so we can track your order and add your extra FREE month.

Offer applies to Pico and Nano 3 month prepay options only. 

Offer does not apply to any Jumbo or Curiositots boxes or to Monthly, 6 month prepay or 12 month prepay options.


June gets off to an electric start with our POWER box. The Power box enables you to get curious about how electricity works and to start to understand what powers high tech science like robots, Tesla cars and the space station!


Even though some microbeasts might give you the heebie-jeebies, we wouldn't be alive without them! And yet, when microbeasts go bad, they can cause some of the most horrible diseases in the world. Our Microbeasts box gives you a glimpse into the world of these amazing creatures.


Buzzing into August is our much anticipated Bees box, supported by the Bumblebee Conservation Trust. Why are bees so important? Why do they love flowers so much? How do you make a Bee house? These are some of the questions we'll work together to answer in our Bees Box.


Did you know that we wouldn't be able to see anything if it weren't for light? Light isn't just what you get when you flick the light switch on. Light is what rainbows are made of, how we create photographs and is essential for life on earth. You're sure to find September's box ILLUMINATING!