The Curiosity Box rules because it's...

✔︎ Curriculum Linked & Awesomely Award-Winning

Being scientists ourselves, we're passionate about educational science that excites! So we make sure that every box will knock your kids' socks off, and have them itching to get hands-on. Each activity comes with easy to follow (field-tested) instructions and tips that help your kids get stuck in, while you play helpful lab assistant and science superhero (our instructions make sure of that!).

✔︎  Flexible & Hands-On Wow Making

As parents, we know that life can take over and you need a subscription service that works with you. To help, we have several subscription options. You can choose to receive a monthly delivery of 1 experiment (Pico), 2 experiments (Nano) or go Jumbo and get 3-4 experiments plus all our collectables. And the best thing? If you find yourself up to your ears in experiments but no time to do them, you can pause your subscription any time.

✔︎ Curiosity Creating & Planet Loving

Science and sustainability go hand-in-hand at the Curiosity Box. We avoid single-use plastic, wherever possible, and use recyclable or biodegradable packaging. From the crinkly cornstarch biobags that experiments come in, to the materials we use in the activities themselves. Plus, all our experiments come with instructions for responsible disposal, and we even challenge our Curiosity Community to find creative ways to use their box when they're done with the activities!

We're also building loads of tools behind the scenes to help our cadets get more out of being in our amazing community and we have plenty more in store to make the Curiosity Box the best subscription around! 

With Champion role models, superhero-creating instructions and awe inspiring hands-on experiments designed with the University of Oxford and field-tested by kids, you won't find a better science and engineering subscription. Join us and find the amazing in your every day.