Science Day in a Box

Everything you need to teach up to 30 children KS2 science experiments in one box. 

Brought to you by the team behind The Curiosity Box™, our Science Day in a Box is designed to help teachers cover core science curriculum material and get children excited about STEM subjects. 

How it Works

Each box covers a number of STEM themes. We provide all the kit and caboodle for 30 kids to work in pairs and get fully hands-on with their activities. There’s a competition at the end as well WITH prizes! In addition to activity packs, our boxes contain a teacher pack which includes:

✔ A full set of presentation materials, with videos to set the scene and gets kids excited 

✔ A class schedule, so you can incorporate other curriculum requirements and lesson plan

✔ A list of FAQs and additional resources so you can cover all those curious queries

The Science Day in a Box is great for teachers to engage their pupils’ imaginations. It’s also a brilliant way for anyone that wants to bring some ‘science wow’ to their educational activities for kids. Just pick your theme, order your box and add a Science Day to your schedule.

What other teachers say about us

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