STEM Day in a Box

Everything you need to have a seriously fun science or engineering day!   

  Brought to you by the Oxford scientists behind The Curiosity Box™, our STEM Day in a Box is designed to make life easy for teachers, bringing the science curriculum to life and getting your students super excited about STEM subjects.

How it Works

Each box covers a different STEM theme, with 7 themes to choose from. We provide all the kit and caboodle needed for 30 kids to get fully hands-on with STEM with a reusable kit to add to your science resources. In addition to the activity packs, every STEM Day in a Box contains:


✔ Support videos to set the scene and get kids excited 

✔ A Teacher Hero-Making Cribsheet with all the inside info and tips, additional resources, extension ideas and answers to common questions to save you time

✔ A STEM Day example timetable, we know you have lots to fit into your days!

✔ Prizes for you to give to teams who have done well

✔ A certificate you can copy for all students 

The STEM Day in a Box is a great way to bring some Science WOW to your classroom. Just pick your theme, order your box and add a STEM Day to your schedule. 

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*Please note that delivery of our STEM Day in a Box takes up to 2 weeks from receipt of payment to delivery.

Learning fun with substance baked right in

Our classroom-ready boxes are loads of fun for kids, but they have REAL learning oomph. Each box has been designed to make life super easy for you to cover the curriculum in a WOW way! At only £99.95 + VAT per box, it's the best value STEM Day you'll ever have!

✔ Encourages active learning - We all know that children learn better when they're having fun and all the activities are designed to bring the curriculum to life in the most fun and hands-on way

✔ Promotes science capital - The structure of our STEM day boxes allow children to continue their science learning at home and in school with additional challenge and discussion prompts

✔ Extends learning - All the activities have been developed specifically to increase a child's science capital. Research shows the earlier we can develop a child's science capital, the greater the chance they'll pursue science in secondary school and beyond

✔ Develops other skills - Curiosity-led learning like this is proven to help children improve their creative and problem-solving skills and encourages critical thinking

What teachers say about us

Teacher Review

"Great for teachers to engage their pupils"

"These boxes are absolutely brilliant!  As a Science Coordinator and passionate primary school teacher, I can honestly say, you won’t be disappointed - they are amazing!"

Faye, Year 6 teacher

Just pick your theme, order your box and add a STEM Day to your schedule.


Are you a local business?

Are you a business wanting to make a difference to your local community?

Get involved with the Great British Blast Off. Simply sponsor a STEM Day in a Box and we'll send a box, packed with enough kit for a teacher to run a fun, hands-on STEM day for up to 30 kids, to a school of your choice (or we can choose for you). 

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