The Curiosity Box

Science Experiments for Curious Kids 

Why is water blue? Do seals have ears? How does electricity work? - If you have children, you know that they are asking a ton of questions every day and are constantly exploring the things that surround them. 

If your kids also loves exploring the world, you should try our science subscription boxes that bring super fun experiments right to your door and will keep your kids busy with fascinating science experiments every month.

What to expect:

✔ Curriculum-linked science activities for kids aged 7-11

✔ About 4 hours of science experiments in each box

✔ Developed by award winning scientists in Oxfordshire

✔ No hidden costs - pause or cancel any time!

What other parents say

"We really look forward to our Curiosity Box each month"


Doing the experiments is so much fun it makes learning easy! As a home educating parent I highly recommend it, It makes science exciting 😀 

Jo with her daughter Jaime



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