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Products / STEM Day - Cryptic Chromatography (£99.95 + VAT)

STEM Day - Cryptic Chromatography (£99.95 + VAT)


Product Description

Help! Sir David Attenborough is missing, feared kidnapped! The much loved scientist was last seen at his home where he had just finished counting the newts in his garden pond. Having recently completed filming his latest documentary, Sir David was spending some time relaxing. His TV series had caused a huge storm because he had shown just how bad, no catastrophic, the plastic in our oceans has become. People all over the world praised him for his work to raise awareness of the problem, so who would want to kidnap him? And why? Your job is to use forensic science to figure out who dunnit and bring our beloved David Attenborough back in time to start filming his next TV series.

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