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Nano Box Gift Bundle "Beastly Biology"


Product Description

A wonderful gift of 3 nano boxes (that's 6 activities!) all wrapped up in Christmas gift wrap ready to be received by your curious cadet! Microbeasts Nano Box - discover the best conditions to make yeast grow and get crafty making your very own microbe. Healthy Me Nano Box - use the enclosed urinalysis strips and our lab made wee to learn about diabetes. Create a range of edible poo so realistic you’ll gross out your grown ups! A great activity to highlight the importance of a healthy diet and staying hydrated. Bumblebee Nano Box - make a Bee B&B and learn all about pollination by using the UV pen & torch to make glowing flowers **ALLERGY INFORMATION - A LATEX BALLOON IS INCLUDED IN THE MICROBEASTS BOX AND A CHOCOLATE BAR IS INCLUDED IN THE HEALTHY ME BOX**

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