The Monthly Nano.. the perfect sciency gift!

Our Nano box has 2 science or engineering themed experiments packed into the box, ready for you to open and start your sciency adventures at home! International shipping applies outside of the UK.

12 Month Prepay

Prepay for 12 months and save 9% (that's £13.45)! Now we're talking, a whole year of awesome activities!

6 Month Prepay

Prepay for 6 months and save 5% (that's £3.75) for 6 months of seriously sciency fun. Spend your savings on our brilliant air putty!

3 Month Prepay

Prepay for 3 months and save 3%. You get 3 months of awesome fun, and the curiously perfect gift for the mini scientist in your life!

Month to Month

One box, once a month, two experiments, delivered through your letterbox. Curriculum-linked fun made easy.

Previous Boxes

Past boxes have included themes like these:

Weird Water

Gooey, slimey and super messy fun experimenting with water!

Engineer it!

Build it and make it go. From catapults to cars, let's move it!

Fascinating Fossils

Get down with the dinosaurs and explore fossils