Summer of Science Challenge

Why do I need salt to make ice cream? How do I make a cloud in my kitchen? Do you know a child who's always asking 'why?' We think our ability to be curious and ask questions is something to be celebrated. That's why we've partnered with our friends at Science Sparks to run our Summer of Science challenge. Complete at least 5 activities between 24th July - 31st August to discover the WOW in your every day and you could win an awesome prize! *While stocks last


I want the whole kit & caboodle - yeeehaww!

Box + email

For only £19.95, get our awesome Summer of Science box with 5 sun-tastic activities to enjoy, including (1) make your own ice cream; (2) slithery sand; (3) splitting water; (4) seasonal suncatcher; and (5) a curious surprise. You will automatically be registered to receive 5 free activities by email with the purchase of this box.

*While stocks last. Box activities may vary.


I don't want the kit, I just want the caboodle!

Email only

Complete the sign up form and we'll send you a free experiment every Friday for 5 weeks, courtesy of our friends at Science Sparks. You can top up your email only Summer of Science with the box at any time and get cracking on even more awesome experiments!


What can I win?

GRAND PRIZE for craziest lab location experimenter!

Send us pics of the craziest place you’re experimenting! The craziest lab location wins our MASSIVE grand prize:

3 x month Nano subscription  |  Science Sparks set of 3 books  |  STEM Quest books from Carlton Publishing  |  Ada Twist book from Abrams & Chronicle  |  Max Einstein book from Penguin Random House  |  Girl Element Pyjamas  |  Bee Bumps  |  Frenetic game |  Giant Microbes plush toys 

Most enthusiastic experimenter

For those of you who complete all 10 activities, you'll receive a Professor of Curiosity medal and one lucky winner will receive a Science Sparks book and a 3 month Nano subscription.

Messiest experimenter 

Have you made a total mess of the kitchen? Cracked eggs all over your garden? Be the messiest experimenter and you’ll win a 3 month Pico subscription and pack of our Bee Bumps (currently only available to subscribers). And we want photographic evidence of your mess!

Completed at least 5 activities? 

Send us your completed Summer of Science record sheet to before 31st August 2019 (which we'll email to you when you sign up) to unlock a special Summer of Science certificate. Summer of Science terms and conditions are here.

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